Stellato Printing, Inc. is committed to offering our clients as many options as possible for all of their projects. Take a look at our samples to get a feeling for what we can do for you.

Make a statement with your stationary. 

Let us create personalized stationary for you or your company. Personalizing your
company's stationary helps provide another level of credibility to your organization
and is a great way to get your branding in the hands of customers. We can put your
logo on a letterhead or on a mass mailing, just ask for a our wide range of colors and

Folders aren't just for organization.

By handing out customized folders at your next event not only will people stay
organized but it gives them a tactile reminder of your company. Don't let this simple
but effective point of contact between you and your customer be something generic
that they throw out. Stellato Printing INC. can print an informative, functional, and
interesting folder that could be the difference between a client forgetting your name
and remembering it. We offer a full spectrum of colors and sizes for your folders and
as always are willing to work with you to bring your ideas to fruition.

Tags and Labels
Stellato Printing, Inc. can create a wide variety of tags and labels for any event or
purpose. We can print them with adhesive on the backs or with string to attach
them to whatever you want. Do you need nametags for your next event? Put your
logo on them as well as your attendee's names. Do your employees travel? Think
about customized luggage tags for their suitcases. We can also do colored tags for
warning signs, or barcodes for pricetags.

Advertising done right.

Stellato Printing, INC. also prints commercial advertisements. A well printed
advertisement is oftentimes the key to success. Stop photocopying your ads and let
us print high-quality glossy inserts for your newspaper. Or let us print a detailed and
eye-catching brochure for your next event.

Books are a great way to organize and distribute a large amount of information to
your clients or employees. Stellato Printing, INC. offers a variety of binding styles:
perfect, spiral, staple and more. We can also cut your book to the dimensions you
desire. And since we're a color printing-press, we specialize in full-color covers and
inserts. However, if all you need is a twenty page black and white pamphlet we can
deliver an exemplary product.

Promotional Products
One of the most popular, and time-tested, ways to promote your business is through the use of promotional items. Promotional items are small, usually inexpensive give-away items imprinted with your business name and information. They can have the business address, phone number, or website address on them as well. Some popular types of promotional items include pens, small pads of paper or sticky notes, golf balls, mugs, magnets, and t-shirts and caps. All of these can be great tools to promote your business.

For everything else.

Don't see the service you need listed? Stellato Printing can do it. We pride
ourselves on working with our clients to produce exactly what they want and
need. Contact us by email or phone today to talk with someone who can help.

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